Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finding Myself

I've been wondering recently whether I should split my posts between two different blogs. Perhaps I need a writing blog and a training blog. However I've decided to keep just the one, although the reason for that is a little convoluted.

Several women whose blogs I read describe themselves as seekers. I too consider myself to be a seeker. Over the years I've done my fair share of dabbling in Eastern religions, New Age wisdom, retreats, rituals and alternative healing. However the last year has been one of doing as much as it has been of thinking. I've been finding myself through running, rather than running from myself. I now seek myself on long runs around the bays and undulating trail runs. I open up to myself as the city opens before me on the slopes of Mt Victoria.

I also find myself through my writing. My writing is a direct expression of my own concepts, thoughts and experiences. I write to link myself emotionally and spiritually to the physical landscape in which I live.

So although they might not at first glance seem compatible, I do not feel that I can separate my posts about my training from my posts to Poetry Thursday or Sunday Scribblings. I am. Both of these parts of me form a whole, and there seems to be no point in trying to keep them separate.


Sass said...

Y'know, I've contemplated in the past restricting my running posts to the runners community I read and leaving my main blog just for all the other crap I write about (not nearly as erudite as your poetry etc;p). But then I remind myself that my blog is an expression of who I am and a large part of that is my exercise odyssey so I should not worry about separating things out for whatever purpose.

leonie said...

i'm glad you are keeping it as one blog, they are definitely both simply two parts of the whole that is you. and i struggle to keep up with blog reading as it is, i really don't want to add another one to my list! :)