Monday, November 13, 2006

A Former Jafa in Auckland

On Thursday Hamish and I drove to Auckland for his mother Ruth's 60th birthday. The little halterneck dress went with us. The drive up the island, normally a pleasure, turned into a series of torrential downpours. There was snow on the Desert Road (although we always drive through National Park, so we weren't affected), in November!

However in the end we made it to Papatoetoe, to Nick and Damon's bungalow. Cue the start of a weekend of decadence. Random thoughts as follows:

  • Bubbly, white wine, red wine, bubbly, white wine, red wine, bubbly, white wine, red wine, vodka... STOP!!!
  • If I have to eat another cafe chicken burger/chicken focaccia sandwich with mayo I'm going to turn into a chicken and be served up at KFC.
  • Auckland has sold its soul to the shopping and car Gods. I no longer know my way around the Auckland arterials, and I am sooooo keen for it to stay that way.
  • Mt Eden v Carlaw Park v the Waterfront = WHO CARES - I just don't want to pay for it!
  • Sometimes you can go back - but there's nothing there and you're not upset by that fact.
  • Sometimes people can resent you for being successful.
  • Sometimes people you know are very successful and you love them even more for that fact.
  • Sometimes people you love make choices you disagree with, and you smile and make approving noises because that's the 'right' thing to do.
  • Getting up after a night of hard drinking to spend the morning at the gym WILL make you feel better. Lying in bed thinking you should be at the pool then not actually getting there WON'T.
  • It might be warm and sunny and perfect running conditions, but that does not mean you should run, and your physio WILL know.
  • Catching up with friends, even if it means driving from one end of a congested city to the other IS worth it. Really!
  • Spa pools are pretty damn fantastic at 3am.
  • Nick and Damon's bathroom is the nicest I will ever shower in, and huge kudos to them for that.
  • Sometimes you can open the door of a friend's house and fall in love with a Chihuahua. Louie we love you ...
  • Sometimes Cerocing to Elvis Presley at your mother-in-law's party just makes sense (nearly eight years since the last dance, and yes, we did suck).
  • Sometimes you can walk into a Trade Aid store and find the perfect necklace for $20.
Thanks to Nick and Damon for Thursday night, and David E and Sophie for Friday and Saturday nights. Thanks Deb for meeting up at Diablo, and to Nicole for a great lunch and Chai at Lagos (anyone want to buy a cafe?).

And the debut of the little halterneck dress? Lots of flattering comments - only one dirty middle-aged man oogling the cleavage. All in all a success.

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