Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Back on the pavement again

After two and a half weeks of forced, grudging rest, I've hit the pavement twice this week for short test-the-knee runs. The first was a half-hour route up Molesworth, down Tinakori, along Thorndon Quay to the waterfront, and then along the waterfront a short way back to the gym. Tonight I ran with the new, enlarged Jog Squad (there's a HUGE number of us now). I ran near the front of the front pack, up Taranaki Street, along Wallace Ave, down Adelaide Rd, around the Basin, up Elllis Street, along Austin, then back down Majoribanks and Courtney Place to the gym.

I wouldn't say that either run was at top pace, and I can definitely tell I haven't run for two and a half weeks, but I'm feeling pretty good. I've showered and am icing my knee as I speak. Hopefully I'll fit in an hour run tomorrow night before dinner at Flying Burrito Brothers for Hamish's birthday, and then 80 minutes on Saturday. I'm still debating where I'll run on Saturday. I think the route I had planned to do is closer to 90 minutes, but I may be able to shorten it.

Of course, this is assuming the knee holds up. God I hate being a runner with knee problems. What a cliche!

Of course there's always swimming, and with my body suddenly deciding that, not only can it float, but its natural state is that of flotation, that's looking more and more possible all the time. I didn't want to get out of the pool at the end of my session with Lesleigh. I could have kept messing around with a kickboard forever.

And there's always Lola, sitting in the spare room waiting for me to pull her out and ride her. There's another cycle training squad starting in January for a ride in Martinborough and another in Taranaki. It would fill a gap nicely between New Years and the next Jog Squad starting up in February.

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