Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas 2010

Santa Duck - last Jog Squad run for the year

As Christmas approaches I've felt increasingly calm. Once our project went live at the end of November work pretty much wound down and there's been very little to do the last couple of weeks. I've been continuing with the post-Lake Taupo rest-without-a-rest. In other words, I've been running with the Squad two to three times a week, participating in Duck's small group training on Tuesday mornings, training with her individually on Thursday mornings, fitting in a few more upper body weights on my own(back into the pull-ups), and throwing in the odd RPM class for good measure. I haven't been back on my bike however, which is a bit of a worry given the 150k ride I have lined up for the end of January (the Taranaki Cycle Challenge).

I've been feeling, to be honest, worn out, if in a good way. I've been working my body hard and it's telling me all about it. This round of the Squad has been more fitness based, with lots of hill repeats and interval training. I know that I've gotten fitter and stronger, but I've also felt slower. My legs really need a bit of a rest. It's been a fairly monumental year and it's time to stop and reflect on it.

Torrential rain in Stratford, Sunday before Christmas

I spent last weekend in Taranaki with the family doing an early Christmas. Hamish had to pull out at the last moment due to work commitments. I always forget how busy he gets at this time of year as everyone wants their home theatres installed before the break. I didn't mind as it was nice to just hang out with my parents, eat lots, drink wine and sit around doing nothing much. I fitted in an 8.5k flat run on Saturday morning before jumping in the car and heading north. Mum cooked a full Christmas meal, with turkey, ham, a pork roast, loads of roast vegetables, and green veges with cheese sauce. Dessert included chocolate log, trifle, fruit salad, pavlova and steam pudding. I brought home a ton of leftovers for H.

The weather was pretty awful so Mum and I didn't get out for our usual long walks, though we did fit in a couple of short ones. By Sunday morning there was a rain warning in place right down the country and Dad and Hamish pretty much decided for me that I wasn't driving back to Wellington that day.

Jess, the neighbours' kitten, in Stratford

Staying in Taranaki for another night wasn't exactly a hardship, not when there was kitten cuteness to play with. Jess's owners were away so she spent a lot of time yowling at us. I got up early on Monday morning, drove south and was back at my desk before 1.

I think I'm succeeding in my aim to make up for the summer lost post-surgery by fully engaging in this one. We've had some gorgeous weather, and some wet and windy weather. I've loved all of it. I have a roast duck planned for dinner tomorrow, and a bike ride. My goal was to have a quite day at home with Hamish and the cats, so I'm thrilled.

Hamish and I are heading to Marlborough for New Years with Nic and Leonie, who have been staying with us on their New Zealand summer holiday. It's going to be four days of total escapism, starting with the flight out there in a sea plane and I'm beside myself with excitement.

I have goals for next year, and I will write more about them soon. For now though I'm just sitting here, finished work for the year, nothing to do, feeling relaxed and quietly happy.

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Leonie said...

I am sure I don't even know the half of what you've been through this year, but i do know how happy I am to see you so positive and fit and healthy.

You are astonishingly resilient and I can learn so much from you.

Hoping you have a wonderful day with Hamish tomorrow

Sending you love