Saturday, November 20, 2010

A busy Sunday

Old bank machine and wine cellar, Bettys Bar in Blair Street

Last Sunday began at 5.30am, when I got up to drive to Masterton for what was supposed to be a 115k race. When I got there I found that none of the women I normally ride with had turned up, and that there was a wind warning in place for most of the course. Riding in winds of up to 120kph on my own? The idea did not appeal, and I dropped back to the 50k. This meant that I could ride with Maria, one of the new Gearshifters who I haven't had a chance to talk to before.

The 50k route is nicely undulating and, because it passes through a valley, reasonably sheltered. However we still had a headwind and, at one point, a crosswind which saw me moving forwards while progressively edging towards the ditch. I leaned sideways and hauled myself more comfortably towards the centre of the lane.

Although it felt like a short race (which of course it was) it was fun, and we had a great tailwind on the way back. I ended up with my highest race placing ever and felt extremely strong. After a quick lunch I jumped back in the car and headed back to Wellington, where Hamish was preparing for his first vjing gig with the While You Were Sleeping crew in quite some time.

After a quick shower, and with no time to blowdry my hair, I grabbed a lift into town with H and walked through the post-Christmas parade madness to my office on the other side of town. A couple of hours of work and I headed back again, stopping off for some food on the way back as I was starting to feel like gnawing my arm off.

The gig was well underway, and Groovin' Pete was holding court. The venue was amazing. As you can see there were screens wrapped around the walls, and H was making good use of them.

The man himself at work.

The footage from old Cadburys ads were a particular hit. The DJs were playing remixes of the ad jingles at the time.

Something that may or may not look a little rude in retrospect. I make no further comment.

My role in these things is basically to sit slightly behind H and not bother him. It's a difficult job but someone has to do it.

Being a Sunday night we were home by around 9.30. I was remarkably awake but glad to get to bed all the same. It was a long (and slightly frustrating as far as getting in a decent distance on the bike goes) but ultimately good day.

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Kate said...

Looks like a cool gig!