Thursday, July 15, 2010

An update in bullet points

  • The last Xterra run in Belmont Park was crazy fun. It was around 2 degrees at the start line, but it was a beautiful sunny day. The first 2k was a long slow climb up a series of switchbacks through the trees, followed by a long, gradual descent down a four wheel drive track. The views from the top were breathtaking. There was a long, steep and very muddy section of track which involved lowering oneself down whilst grasping hold of nearby foliage. I only fell over once and consider this an achievement. The last section was a run on grass alongside a small stream, which we had to wade through five times. It's the slowest, but one of the most enjoyable, 7k races I've ever run.
  • I got home, grabbed some lunch, and because it was such a nice day I headed out round the Bays on my bike. My legs were shredded. I stuck to an easy gear and spun my legs out. It was fun!
  • On Monday night I ran out of gas during Duck's Body Blast workout. I realised I'd not taken as much Hydrocortisone as usual. Idiot.
  • On Tuesday I redeemed myself by running around 8k round Wellington's waterfront on yet another stunning winter evening. There was a sickle moon, the fountain was pluming, the ripples in the harbour were a molten gold, there was a ferry going out and a huge cargo ship was coming in. I put some appropriate music on my iPod and enjoyed myself.
  • Wednesday was another Body Blast session. My hip flexors were screaming.
  • This morning Duck and I had a session in Frank Kitts. The weather was again stunning. It was a little warmer than it has been, the harbour was flat, the sunrise was divine. The best part? I got to work out with Kettle Bells. Do you know how many years I've been wanting me some bells? Happy Pip.
  • I had a three hour workshop with other managers on the Department's new relationship model. It was surprisingly good, and I was unusually inspired.
  • I was inspired enough to do an RPM class after work. This is despite the screaming hip flexors. I am my own worst enemy. It was good!
  • I got home to a shiny new iPhone. I am excited!
  • Oh, and there was cider. I am very, very happy.

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