Sunday, July 25, 2010

Skyline Walkway Run

I ran around 10km today in the sun on the Skyline Track. It was the first time I've run most of it, and it was heaps of fun. In places it was ridiculously muddy, in places rather steep. Some of the track was narrow, ridged single track, some wide and well graded. Most of it was farmland, and there were cow pats everywhere. Even though it was a relatively still day in the city, up on the ridgeline the Southerly was still blowing strong and to stop was to get cold, rapidly. I stupidly stopped a little too often to take photos, and that, combined with stupidly not taking on a gel, led to me deciding to bail short of the Kaukau summit and head back down to Ngaio via the Bells Line track. Next time Kaukau will be mine .... This was a good run though. I felt very strong throughout and could have gone the whole 16k had I needed to.

Photo above: sheep, something this country is well known for.

Cows, because you can never have too many photos of cows.

Looking East over the suburbs to the harbour.

Kaukau in the distance. The pylons below are carrying power to the whole North island via the cable between the South and North islands.

Stunning views.

Views out to the west coast of the island.

A relatively well graded section of the track.

Looking North with the power lines in the bottom of the picture.

Looking south.

West Wind wind turbines in the distance.

Another turbine photo. I just find them beautiful.


Mike said...

AMAZING photos!!! :)

Neets_ said...

Cripes Pip, I thought I was bad at taking photos (and not running non-stop), but I think I've met my competition! They are lovely photos and I don't know how anyone could have ignored those views. Well done on the run.

Pip said...

Yeah, I have a blogger friend in America who's always nagging me to take photos. Hence all the stopping. I don't plan on making it a regular occurance ....

Anonymous said...

great Pics Pip-Ive been there, and it is a great run..

Dusty said...


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Love the pictures and appreciate you stopping so much for me! It's gorgeous where you live and seeing these pictures makes me want to visit you.

Your favorite American nag,

:) Dusty