Friday, February 09, 2007


The Poetry Thursday theme for this week was changes, and inevitably the lyrics 'Ch, ch, ch,ch changes..." with their accompanying line "turn and face the world" went into high rotate through my consciousness. There are some major changes afoot in my life, and that of people close to me, and it's only appropriate that they be expressed in this week's poem.

Turn and face the world.
Shed skin like
worn cotton cloth.
Shades of island-flower
pink fall from your shoulders.
Change and know
that now all things are
possible and that the
small seed of potential
you have carried within
you has burst
open and is pushing
through the earth.
You do not recognise
yourself nor do you
really know what
you are capable of.
You will make your
first tentative steps
on feet that are still
soft and overly
aware of each small
stone beneath them.
We know that your
rawness will fade.
Everything that is
new will slowly mature
and meld itself to
your sharp edges.
You will become
all that we already
see as we gather
close to wrap you in
new robes made of
the dawn chorus and
fastened with clasps
carved from greenstone.
We will send you out
into the world as your
new self and we will
sing of and with you.


Jone said...

What a lovely poem of hope and letting go. I read and read it several times. So many levels. This photo is gorgeous.

Norma said...

You are a wonderful photographer and writer. . . tentative steps on feet that are still soft. . .

My poem this week is about women's fashion change.

twilightspider said...

This is beautiful and gently inspirational. It's like a mother bird nudging a chick from the nest to fly. I'm taking it to heart - it's what I need right now.

Poet with a Day Job said...

Pip, what a lovely post. I especially love the trick of "turn and face the world." I started singing, I did.

gautami tripathy said...

Great photo. I like the various levels of this poem. Much to think.



.......deb said...

Hi Pip,

There are so many lovely lines I simply can't pick. Usually I can. But the whole of it is such that one stich leads to another.

I friend has moved recently, not too far, but between the now 3-hours of freeway and her ten-month old twins and five-year old daughter there's been a huge change in the amount of time we can spend together. Your poem eases that loss and sadness for me. Thanks for that.

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely imagery in:

new robes made of
the dawn chorus and
fastened with clasps
carved from greenstone

Crafty Green Poet said...

stunning photo too....

Catherine said...

This is just beautiful