Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Failure, or?

When I ran the Masterton half marathon event that I had to pull out of at the 10km mark there was a guy running in front of me with a t-shirt that read 'the only thing worse than failing is quitting'. I'm not so sure any more.

Surely there are days when you just know that what is asked of you is too much, even though it would probably be within your capabilities on a normal day. Surely on those days it's better to just say no, then to push yourself beyond your limit at that moment?

And you probably shouldn't beat yourself up for making that call either, nor feel angry at someone else for trying to push you at the wrong time.

I'm sure everything will look better after a good sleep.

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leonie said...

Yes there will be days when you know this. Yes it is better to say enough. Yes you ought to be more proud of yourself for saying this than you would be for picking yourself up and keeping on going. Yes beating yourself up is a futile and pointless exercise (especially when you KNOW what you are doing is right). And yes, most things look better after a good sleep!