Saturday, December 09, 2006

Existing to Train

Just to demonstrate that I'm truly mad... here's my week in training:

Monday - A swimming lesson with Lesleigh in the morning. I continued to make progress with my 'rock and roll' and mock freestyle with the kickboard. We had the pool to ourselves for most of the lesson, and I felt really pleased with how things were going. Then on Monday night I enjoyed my first run back with the Jog Squad since being banned from running by my physio. So much for a gentle introductory run. We ran up Aro Valley, up a long, zigzagging pedestrian accessway, over to Kelburn, down Salamanca Rd to the Terrace, and down the Dixon Street steps back to the gym. I had enough sense to take it gently, but felt comfortable the whole time and my knee didn't collapse under the pressure. It dawned on me that I might actually be quite fit!

Tuesday - an hour of weights, cranking up the chest press and shoulders in the morning. At 6 I met up with the Women's Multis squad for a 20km bike around the harbour and a short run. Duck and I, as the only women on road bikes, managed to lose the others. I was reluctant to slow as I hadn't taken a wind jacket with me and was dying from the cold Southerly blowing. It was a relief to get off the bike, throw on the sneakers, and warm up a bit on the run. I cranked up the pace for the return leg, but Duck still managed to leave me behind like I was going nowhere as we were approaching Oriental Bay. Of course Duck has just been training for Lake Taupo, so it's a bit like comparing my swimming with that of a pro, so I wasn't that upset. On the other hand, I did leave the other girls behind on the run. It occurred to me again that I might be quite fit.

Wednesday - comparatively light with only a circuit training session on the waterfront. Wellington decided to treat us to a day of perfect summer weather and we sweltered as people loitering around Te Papa on their way home stood and stared. We finished with a hover-off. The previous Jog Squads had led to the formation of a small, elite 4-minute hover club. I'd previously only managed 3 minutes, but as Sarah and I droped to the ground our eyes met and there was a nod of recognition. This was OUR day. Duck's 4 minute count was accompanied by the cheers of the other jog squadders as we dropped, sore but victorious, to the ground. Target met, and elbow-grazes the only scars. It occurred to me that I might be a little stronger than I used to be.

Thursday - Duck bit during our personal training session. She's working my legs again now, and isn't taking it easy on me. Lots of walking lunges with power bags, leg presses, box step work, shoulder weights and more core work. I love it when I get to go hard, and I'm loving the results. I am not one of those women who is afraid of muscle. Bring it on! Thursday night saw the women's multis squad back in the pool, jumping out halfway for a quick run around the block, then getting back into the pool again. I discovered that the shorts I pulled on chaff when wet, and that I don't need to wear a bra under my togs. I'm still trying to decide whether to wear socks or not. I hate wet feet rubbing in trainers, but I hate pulling socks onto said wet feet even more, particularly given the time lost in transition.

By Friday my butt was feeling the workout on Thursday morning, and I was approaching the 'can't sit down' mark. My legs were pretty shattered too, so going REALLY hard only served to shatter them even further. I spent the rest of the day wobbling around work. It was worth it.

This morning I had another swim with Lesleigh. We were scheduled to meet at Thorndon Pool, but as the hail fell outside the kitchen window I called to suggest we move the lesson to Freyberg. Lesleigh was driving into town from Akatarawa at the time, and as she spoke to me she drove straight into a wall of rain. She was easily persuaded!

I had one of my best sessions yet, with my 'fake' freestyle flowing, my breathing clicking, and my kick strengthening as I focused on working those gluts. I floated on my back for the first time, and I started working out how to swim on my side. At first I sank like a stone, but as I got my confidence up that miraculous ability to float slowly returned. I've printed out the More FM triathlon training programme and am going to be following it, using my 'fake freestyle' for a little while until I can do the real thing.

After the lesson I spent a leisurely spell in the spa, took a long slow shower and wandered off to the supermarket. I had woken hellishly hung over after eight glasses of wine at the first of two work Christmas parties the night before. A group of girls from work had gone dressed up as 80s popstars. I was wearing a friend's tiny little denim mini skirt, a singlet top, the crocheted tank top Leonie gave me a few weeks back, three quarter length tights and my gold sandals. Annabelle teased and hairsprayed my hair into 80s bouffant, and a hefty dose of eyeshadow and lipstick rounded the picture off. Rose and I shared a cab home and I walked barefoot in pouring rain down the pedestrian zigzag, and then down our 46 steps. I'm amazed I didn't kill myself, although I did keep stopping to giggle and shake my head at how messed up I was. So my resolution to make it through the Christmas party season with my liver intact is not off to a good start... Oh well, at least the swim got rid of the worst of the hangover.

This afternoon I went to a two hour yoga technique class at Les Mills the Terrace. I didn't need as many adjustments as I'd expected. I just need to remember to keep my shoulders back and down. The longer session really suited me, and I came out at the end feeling very relaxed and stretched.

Tomorrow would usually be my 'rest' day, but with some chicks due to fledge at the Sanctuary, and a group of us going out to Les Mills Hutt City for an RPM class, there won't be much of that. At some point as well I really need to clean the bathroom, fold the washing, and do some other mundane things like that.

Or I could just train.


Nic said...


does the phrase "rest" mean anything? Thats usually when you get the restuls.

We have had our first weekend off in, oh, 5 months. It's fantastic not thinking "lets do this, then we have to go for a bike ride, then....." etc.


Wiz, in bed, with laptop.

Pip said...

This is the last week of women's multis and jog squad, so yes, there will be rest. This was an unusual weekend, thank God!

Michelle Fry said...

Nice work. Isn't it fabulous when you realize you've gotten stronger? I say the 8 glasses of wine were a just reward for your hard work.