Wednesday, June 09, 2010

And a miracle recovery

I felt my temperature break early yesterday evening and when I woke this morning it was difficult to believe I'd been sick. The first thing I noticed was that my back was almost pain-free. After that I realised that my sinuses were almost clear and that I seemed to have good energy levels. I packed a gym bag just in case, but told Hamish I realised I shouldn't really be exercising.

However as the day went on I felt better and better, and the weather was stunning. It was still cold out there, but it was clear and still and crisp - perfect winter running conditions. By 5.00pm I was full of enthusiasm for a run.

Unfortunately my subconscious seemed to know better. Not only had I forgotten my hair band, I'd also packed my most-padded cycling shorts in lieu of tights. There was no way I was running in those nappies. I considered RPM but I hate spinning without my cycling shoes and it's even worse to not have a hair band.

I figured the gods were trying to tell me something, so now I'm at home and there's chicken roasting in the oven. I'm still meeting Duck in the morning, and if it's still this nice out there I'll run at lunchtime. Worse things have happend.


Dusty said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Thanks for the story, it brought a smile to my face thinking of you even attempting run in really padded bike shorts!

Sometimes the gods know better than we, don't they?

:) Dusty

Lucinda said...

Fab that you are feeling better!

Are you doing the xterra race this weekend??