Thursday, July 30, 2009

She's Back

Saturday: 70 minute hill run up to the turbine and back, two hour bike ride
Sunday: 27k run
Monday: Upper body weights
Tuesday: RPM class and fast, flat 8k run
Wednesday: Lower body weights and 60 minute hill run
Thursday: Full body weights circuit and interval run (8 x 200m with 90 second rests)

I feel like I'm back! I also feel like I've earned tomorrow's rest day. My legs are certainly letting me know that it's been a while since I did any serious lower body weights. It's a good kind of pain though.

Oh, and it's spring. It's really, truly spring! I thought it felt a bit that way when I was running around Wadestown in the twilight after work on Wednesday night. However today's circuits of the sports field under a warm sun in the Botanical Gardens, to the chorus of tui and the scent of new flowers, confirmed it. The Northerly's back too, and will probably stay till the end of summer. Who cares though when it's that gorgeous out?

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Lucinda said...

Please let it be Spring!