Sunday, June 14, 2009


After managing to stay upright over the last few weeks on muddy, step and uneven trails, I manage to totally faceplant on a, to all appearances, flat stretch of footpath about 100 metres from home. To my credit I did it in spectacular fashion - falling like a felled tree straight over at speed. I even managed to fall about 20 metres in front of a woman I'd just overtaken. If you're going to make an idiot of yourself you might as well do it in style and with witnesses!

On the positive side, despite being full of a cold and therefore postponing my two plus hour run, I found a fantastic new 7km hilly loop today, which I can run from home. It all started as I stood at the lights in Brooklyn and thought "hmmm, perhaps I should give running up Todman a go". That led to running left onto Mitchell past the house we rented when we first moved here, and then right onto Karepa. I overtook a guy along Karepa but he turned up Ashton Fitchett toward the turbine. My fluid-filled ears weren't cooperating with elevation climbs and were becoming increasingly blocked, so I skipped the larger climb and ran back down to Brooklyn via Helen Street, down Brooklyn Hill to Washington, and then back along Washington Ave/Mills Rd etc to home. All up some decent hillage and beautiful views.

I'm hoping my lungs will be a little clearer tomorrow so that I can fit a few more climbs into a long run. I'm surprised I climbed as well as I did today given my state of grottiness!


Pollyanna_H said...

Ooh, looks painful!

Pip said...

Yep - they're pretty sore and stiffening up nicely. The right leg has a stunning raspberry-coloured contusion!

leonie said...

Wow - spectacular indeed. 10 points for style & another 10 for the photos.

Feel better soon

SUB6 said...

Hope you're not too stiff in the morning. Sounded like a great run ... up to that point! :(

Dusty said...

Beautiful dings on your legs! Thanks for taking a picture. Great description of the fall too. You made me smile picturing the whole thing.

On a serious note, I hope you aren't too handicapped by your injuries. Ouch!

Real women have scars,

:) Dusty

Kate said...