Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mad Dog will win every time

Before the holiday commentary, an update on today's return to exercise.  

It has been a beautiful sunny, calm day here, and I decided that I wanted to try another run after my first day back at work.  I was planning a short out and back to Freyberg, so probably no more than 25 minutes.  Running through Midland Park however I bumped into my physio.  I told her my ankle was tweaking a little, but that it wasn't too bad.  She said to really push it today to see how it responded.  This is keeping in mind that I haven't run more than half an hour at a time since November, and that I haven't run at all in nearly a month.  My physio should really learn to be a little more specific ...

Happy that I had her permission I ran at an easy pace to Freyberg.  I had a little niggle in my side, but it never translated to a real stitch.  I got to Freyberg and decided I didn't want to stop.  I got to Fisherman's Table and was still feeling good.  I decided that I would run to the bottom of Carlton Gore.  I got there and I was still feeling really good.  I looked up Carlton Gore and decided that I felt like testing that ankle a little more.  I ran slowly but easily up Carlton Gore, then enjoyed the shade all the way down Maida Vale.  From Maida Vale, still feeling good, I started to run back towards town.  I looked at my watch as I hit forty minutes, and like clockwork I could feel my body settling down into its long-distance mode, an easy lope that used all my major muscle groups equally.  

And I stayed in that mode all the way back to the gym, which I got back to in just under sixty minutes.  A sense that I had, indeed, really pushed my luck, had me dashing to reception for an instant ice pack.  I iced for ten minutes, stretched, and headed for home.  

So now my ankle is feeling a little achy if I lean forward on it, but it's surprisingly ok.  Tomorrow will be the real test of how much damage I've done, if any.  I know I wentout for too long, but it was just such a thrill to come back from a very indulgent and lazy holiday, and after a long break from any real running, and to still be able to run for sixty minutes without wanting to die.  

Mad Dog won today, but Mad Dog had encouragement from my physio.  How could I resist? Damn but I love running!


Lisa said...

Yay! I'm SO glad to hear this! I hope the day after doesn't bring too much pain. My shin did the same thing this weekend. Once I got through the initial pain, I was fine and got in a groove. And man did it feel great and alive to be running distance again. I was actually grinning from ear to ear at the end of the workout.

Yay! Our injuries are being nice to us!

Kate said...

Yay! Go mad dog! Sounds like a fantastic run.

Bruce said...

Hope the ankle came through the run okay.