Thursday, November 29, 2007

Totally Optional Prompts: One Small Fluffy Moggy

A rough draft this week, and not a poem I'm happy with, but I wanted to get something published this week. I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's efforts.

Love Song in a High Pitched Meow
Tissy is in the hallway
announcing she is home
and that she has brought
with her a conquest,
perhaps this time a sock
from the drying rack, a
skink hooked from under
the flax bushes, a weta from
beneath the house or a
mouse from the blackberry.
Once it was a Tui I found her
rolling around on the sofa,
still beautiful but horrifyingly
and inexcusably dead.
I love my small fluffy
hunter but I do not love
her predatorial instincts.

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sister AE said...

oh, yes. A friend used to have a predatory cat - she left "presents" on my friends bed pillow!

aka Danny Wise said...

Sounds like my friends cat! love the way the title goes straight into the piece at a fast pace.

gautami tripathy said...

Well, she tries her best to please you by getting you gifts!

Jo said...

What are skinks and wetas? This poem captures her and her instincts well.

paisley said...

does she have any aspirations of being a barn cat??? i lost two this year and the only one i have left thinks he is way above fancy feast... so he isn't much on mousing ....

Rob Kistner said...

Sweet, and honest to the species!

Christy said...

This poem reminds me of my cat Midnight. He used to bring me presents all the time and could never understand why I would get so upset with him.



tumblewords said...

Nice cat tale. I don't have animals but my daughter once had one who insisted on filling the house with flying birds. Maybe that's why I don't have....

Holly Mac said...

This is great...and I really love the line, "horrifyingly and inexcusably dead."

Pip said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! We have three cats, and Tissy is by far the worst offender. As a volunteer at a native wildlife sanctuary I know how much of a contradiction it is to own an animal that is responsible for so much destruction (cats are not native to New Zealand and are a major threat to native birds).

For the record, skinks are small brown lizards (a few centimetres long) and wetas are spiny brown insects, kind of like crickets but more scary looking!

Crafty Green Poet said...

What a beautiful cat! I love cats but their predatory behaviour upsets me too. One of the benefits of having a rabbit as a pet is that it won't go hunting!

Linda said...

Great title! That's one thing I have a hard time with and I so admire anyone who can write one that captures my interest.

Love all the visuals in here, too!

...deb said...

Nicely done. It is a tough subject, these aliens we love so much. Keep at this one.

(She's a beauty, too.)

Pip said...

I love reading that people think Tissy is beautiful. When we got her she was a short-haired, slightly odd looking kitten, with a few long, coarse brown hairs poking through the calico. As she got older the rest of her coat grew to match the brown. We used to threaten her that if she got to the point of needing grooming we'd shave her, but we eventually gave in and bought her a brush, which she thankfully loves. We have two spoilt burmese with long pedigrees, but Tiss is by far the most photogenic of our cats, and also the most sweet-natured.

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