Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sometimes Life is Just Good

Because it just is.

Let's forget that I screamed in pain when one of our cats jumped onto my lap last night. Let's forget that my quads have been so sore all day that I shuffled around the office rather than walked. Let's acknowledge that Duck told me off this morning, just as I knew she would. Let's be grateful that she largely left my legs alone, and be thankful for a good, hard upper body and core workout and the discovery of a new exercise that works both my glutes and lower back.

Why? Because sometimes you get more than you asked for, and sometimes you get more than you ever expected.

I got offered a promotion today. I got offered a BIG promotion today. I knew that there was some reshuffling going on in our office, but I was not expecting my manager to take me out for coffee and offer me what he offered me today. I'm terrified, but I'm incredibly excited. I wanted this, but I wasn't expecting it to fall into my (sore) lap so easily. It seems that all I had to do was put my interest out there. When I got back to my desk today the coffee I'd just consumed wasn't the only reason for my shaking.

And then there was the hour-long run I had to complete this evening. Duck said that she thought I'd probably have a good run. Perhaps it was that seed planted in my mind, and perhaps it was my general joy at the good news, but against all logic (and the screaming quads), I had one of my best runs ever tonight.

I ran around the Bays to Kilbirnie, and into a strong headwind until Pt Jerningham. Once around Pt Jerningham however it was tailwind, sweet tailwind all the way to the Wind Wand. And what can I say? My legs felt fine. If ever I needed proof that I use my glutes when I run, tonight was it. Once upon a time sore quads would have meant a virtual inability to even jog at a minimum pace. Now my quads said ouch, but my glutes said 'get with the programme'.

I was a couple of minutes off pace by the time I got to the wand, but the headwind had slowed me a bit, and I think I lost some time at the peak-hour traffic lights between the gym and the waterfront. Besides, I had no one to pace myself against, and I was judging myself against a night when I had fresh legs and an absolute perfect run. That night I'd pushed myself harder than I did tonight.

Tonight just felt good. No nagging mental dialogue. No wishing I could stop. One foot in front of the other at a steady pace. One breath after another. Smiles exchanged with other runners, a deal done with the wind. Energy and a love for life and running. This was truly being alive.

From Kilbirnie it was a cinch to climb over the saddle and down into Newtown. Tonight I did not have to dodge Newtown shoppers. I barely noticed the fish and chip shop odour on Constable Street, and the fruit shop smelt good, so good.

I ran through the Basin rather than around, caught lights all the way back to Courtney Place, made myself sprint all the way back to the gym. When I got there I was red and sweaty and disheveled. On the bus home I grinned like a loon, and half way up Brooklyn Hill the pine trees in Central Park suddenly seemed like the most beautiful living things on this planet and somehow everything was connected. The bus driver overshot my stop and I walked home from the other end of my street. The mountains were pink and there was a majestic full moon hovering above them. I got home and cooked a green Thai curry. While I cooked I drank two (TWO) bottles of cider.

Yep, sometimes life is good, because it just is ...


Bruce said...

way to go , you're certainly making up for the time lost when you were sick!

Kate said...

Wow- life is amazing!!! Congrats on the promotion!