Thursday, June 28, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Escapism

This week a slow patch at work left me sitting at my desk begging for inspiration. Leonie responded from Madison. Her suggestion was that I take three words from the book nearest to me, Google them, and write a poem about the results.

The three words I chose were from How to Be a Princess. 'Jewel' led me to the website of an intriguing performer. 'Gown' led me to a number of websites hiring or selling ball and evening gowns. 'Curtsy' led me to a site that contained information on French etiquette in the 17th century. This is the result:

She dances above him,
hair swaying grazing
the skin on her shoulders.
She would swallow swords
as soon as succumb, shed
chains, suspend herself
from the sky if he spoke.
“Nothing impossible” she
mouths, still turning.

He would dress her in
an evening gown, not yet
daring to suggest yards
of ivory white and tulle.
He will settle for ruby
taffeta brushing against
his chest or gold velvet
to warm her as they
waltz, still turning.

She lands before him.
Slowly sinking on bent
Leg, her head lowered.
“Nothing impossible” she
whispers rising but
she curtsies to signal
her leaving, not in
supplication as she
smiles, still turning.

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Bruce said...

Hi there, first time at your blog, not often i bump into another kiwi runner. Congrats on the half, sounds like you enjoyed it.

split ends said...

I love this poem and the exercise that led you to it. The details of the dress and the interaction you have going on between the two people in the poem. I'm not sure I totally get it yet, but I'm going to keep working at it...

Pauline said...

this was delicious!

Rob Kistner said...

Fascinating approach to writing a piece -- wonderful result!

...deb said...

rising and lowering--lilting...wonderful images and words...great alliteration, too...those essess swirl on the page.

Clare said...

Fun to read. The words "leaving, not in supplication" made me smile. Well done.

chicklegirl said...

This poem was like the dance itself--romantic and playful, captivating!

Catherine said...

It's always fun to read poems that result from exercise like this. I enjoyed visualising the scene you conjured up

Marie said...

I loved was a great, romantic visual.

I borrowed the idea, because I've been very stuck for writing poetry, my Writer's Treehouse has been closed often, and I've been saddened. I miss Poetry Thursday.

Thanks for renewing my energy. So I guess this means, get on it, right?

Sorceress said...

Loved the way you structured your thoughts!

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