Saturday, November 01, 2014

About the running

Ok, the dogs are asleep in the lounge post-walk. It's probably about time I talked about where I'm at with the running these days.

In short, this is a funny day to choose to talk about running given that I am, for the first time in a long time, flirting with injury. I have therefore chosen to take an extra rest day and try again tomorrow. Blame my new-found love for Les Mills Grit and all the plyo.

I am still a runner. It's been a long time since I did a road race, but I completed the Motatapu marathon in March, and the Tussock Traverse for the second time in January. My most recent race was the inaugural Tora Challenge, which unexpectedly turned into an incredibly fun 19k long mud run. In a couple of weeks I'm running the Coastal Challenge along the southern coast, also inaugural, also 19k.

You guessed it - I am all about the trails. I still run on the road with the squad, but given the chance, on my own I will choose dirt every time.

The cycling is on hold at the moment, mainly due to time constraints, the yoga happens far less often than it should. I have developed a love for small group training, and Duck's move back into Les Mills has enabled me to get into lifting heavy. I'm a fan of the deadlift!

So in short exercise is still a central component of my life. I don't spent as many hours each week as I once did. However what I do get in is certainly of better quality and I'm not sore all the time. I'm pretty pleased with where I'm at!


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