Monday, September 17, 2007

Writing from an Island: Imaginary Life

The writing's been tough of late. I know I haven't been feeding my muse, and so it's all my fault. I wanted badly to contribute to the inaugural Writer's Island prompt, but I just couldn't pull it together in time. I'm still not happy with this poem. It's very rough and I don't think I've managed to express the idea I was trying to convey very clearly.

This poem came to me while I was hanging out the washing on a single line we have strung along our veranda. There was a single spider web above the line. It was covered in dew and was newly spun, so it was perfectly intact and symmetrical. It occurred to me that it would have been easy to have missed it if it had not been glistening in the dew. That led me to further think about how many things of beauty we miss every day.

Passed Unobserved
There’s a spider web above the
washing line this morning,
hanging with the frosted symmetry
of a snowflake.

A few more hours and I would
have missed it, invisible against
a pale spring sky, and any wind
last night would have blown
it away.

You could not see me as
you blundered past on your
way to buy your double black,
running late for work this morning.
But catch me in the right light
and you will see my glass
slippers and my eyes …
my eyes glint ruby red.

This is my life,
not hidden, just


Rob Kistner said...

Snow flakes and spider webs, two fascinating natural creations.

"But catch me in the right light
and you will see my glass
slippers and my eyes …"

I really like that... ;)

Welcome to the island! This weeks prompt is posted, and the 'link post' opens very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pip,

Small world. The only other New Zealander I know is also an woman runner. Ann Alldane(?), who was running in the Olympics back when it was just opening up for women. She met, married and moved to Indiana USA. Gives women power talks when she isn't running.

runlisarun's Dad

Kate said...

Aww- get better soon. It's horrid how spring affects us! Hope it doesn't last (and that this superb weather does!)

You should definitely train on Makara. It's probably best as a two person route- not the safest place to go alone and not enough room to run with more than 2. Have you thought about a different first marathon? Harbour Capital just never looks FUN to me!